Dynamic Responsive Web Site Design Development

CMS based Dynamic Websites with Administrator Panels

Dynamic Websites as they are popularly called are CMS or 'Content Management System' websites that allow you to control and manage the content within your web site - without the need for technical training, via the Browser based Administrator Panel that will be provided to you. You will be able to Add / Edit / Delete content of text and pictures at appropriate places within each page. You will also be be able to create new pages/sub-pages with text and pictures as content. The design elements use a Database method of recalling the content, hence the website is developed using PHP and MySQl as the design software. Websites made in CMS method need to be patched for security updates regularly.

We offer to develop your website to the extent you provide the matter for the required number of pages you need to get started and go LIVE, after which we will hand over the Administrator panel to you as website owner to subsequently manage the updating of content yourself. By this method we get you started with good quality design elements based on the topic / content of your website and there-after you have the freedom to update the website yourself, at your own convenience.

Let us Design your website!

We would be happy to develop a web site for you. The design would be suitable for the new generation of Browsers (IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari), the new Flat TFT Monitors, Laptops, as well as Tablets and Smart Phones in one single Responsive Type design format. We will also make it search - engine friendly, all at a very reasonable package price.

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