On-Page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your nicely designed website - is it Search Engine Ready?

PRIME FACT: Most websites working on the internet do not have suitable SEO work done on the pages as per norms of the search engines. This results in your website not being found in search engines by keywords appropriate to your business or profession and target market. We will analyze your keyword requirements based on your website content and provide required tags to make it easy for a search engine to crawl your page and extract the data for its memory.

Get your website found on the Internet with ON-PAGE OPTIMISATION

Basic SEO Service- what we will do:

On every page of your website we will:
Place appropriate Title Tags
Place appropriate Meta Description
Place appropriate Keyword Tags
Place appropriate H1 Tag Add/Edit suitable one paragraph text with requisite Keywords on NON-FLASH pages
Alter existing Page URL names to suit SEO objective
All changes will be done after mutual discussion and approval of website owner.

In Addition we will:
Create and register a Sitemap file
Establish Google Analytics Program on your website
Establish a Google Webmaster Tools Account for your website
Establish a Google Places Account
Submit to the main search engines which accept free of charge submissions
Give you a backup of the completed work on a CD
Upload the edited pages back to your website hosting server.

Your Cost- A One Time Fee
6,850.00 (INR) as minimum fee upto the first 10 HTML / PHP pages and 250.00 (INR) for every additional page thereafter.

No hidden costs. No monthly bills. No Yearly Bills. Just pay once with your order.

Go for value addition of your site. Optimise it, to be noticed easily on the web.

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Search Engine Listing - Why is it important?

A website is like putting up a message board. But with millions of websites on the World Wide Web, a low-ranked site in search engines will remain like the unknown star in the dark sky, which is so far away that its shine won't ever reach us to be seen. So, not featuring among the ranked sites by the web search engines and that too with the right keywords enhancing search potentials, the game is as good as surrendered to the competition without even contesting. How would anyone ever know that you are there on the net?